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Voting has officially closed.
The provisional election results can be downloaded below

All voters are encouraged to submit any objections that they may have to the published results. All objections must be supported by evidence. Objections can be lodged using the "Raise an Issue" page of this website or by email using

The objections window closes on Thursday, 29 February 2024 at 16h00.

The final results will be published on 05 March 2024

Why is the election necessary?

The EPPF Board has a term of four years. As such, every four years, a new Board must be appointed and elected in terms of the Rules of the Fund. The process for the election of Board members is detailed in the Rules of the Fund as well as in the Board Appointment and Election Policy of the Fund. 

The EPPF has a Board which is responsible for strategically directing, controlling and overseeing its operations in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. The Board comprises a total of fourteen Board members.


Seven of these Board members are appointed by Eskom in its capacity as the primary participating employer, with two of these seven employer-appointed members being independent Board members. The other seven members of the Board are elected by the various constituencies of members of the EPPF, including active unionised members, active non-unionised members, pensioners and beneficiaries of the Fund. 

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The Independent Electoral Officer

The rules prescribe that an Independent Electoral Officer (IEO) be appointed to oversee the election process and to ensure that the elections are free and fair. The appointed IEO's services include administering and overseeing the nomination and election process, capturing the results of the nomination and election process and reporting to appropriate governance structures of the Fund on the outcome of the election process. 

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